Fantasy Premier League 22/23

He didn’t get an assist did he? Thought Saka and Zinchenko got them?

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You’re right, I really need to go to Spec Savers although I was watching the game on an iPad.

@Darkseid in the bottom 3 :eyes:

Drink it in everyone he won’t be there long :joy:


Darwin is on the watch list for sure.

I know we’ve only had 2 games, but I already feel like I’m doing shit and want to use my wildcard :sweat_smile:

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:joy: not at that stage yet

Still top of the league!


Kulu coming through for me

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Aaronson :triumph:

EDIT: given as an own goal…

Kane you cunt!
Spurs score 4 and he has no goal or assist.
Captained him.

Shame :ramsdale:

Lesson learned :arteta2:

Top of the league :muscle: till Chelsea game ends

I’m third but annoyed that I swapped out Mitrovic.

The most sold players are Kane, Peresic and Jesus.

The word knee jerk could be appropriate here.


Everyone saw this coming w/ Jesus on FPL.

Just silly casuals who don’t know what they’re doing.

Goals will come for Jesus, it’s so obvious.


Yep. Played well on Friday. No worries there.

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You guys who went without Salah ouch

The community shield scared me into getting him back. :joy::joy: