Fantasy Premier League 22/23

The game officially launches on Monday. I will reactivate the league so everyone automatically rejoins


I saw Haaland is only £11.5m. Thought he’d be at least 12.

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Jesus is already mentally in and my captain for GW1 :joy:

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Nketiah at 7.0 is daylight robbery imo

Jesus will also be my starting striker as well but 8.0 for Saka seems a bit rich although he’s probably worth it.

They have made him 7.0 to cover themselves as he is the arsenal backup striker probs haha

How do you mean cover themselves?

I think 7.0 is a lot for a guy who’ll spend most of his PL time on the bench

If Jesus gets injured everyone and his dog would have Eddie as the cheap arsenal striker to fit in more premium players like Haland Kane Son KDB Salah haha

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Yeah that’s a good point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Arteta goes full Pep and starts Jesus on the wing with Eddie up front in quite a few games

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I thought he’d be like 14m honestly, suppose even Haaland will be subject to rotation…

Plus, he is an unknown as far as the PL goes. He has to earn his status.

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A 45 minute debut hattrick V West Ham will soon change that :grin:

Fuck I haven’t done this for years.

You can only pick 3 Liverpool players, that’s probably why


What’s Jesus priced at? Or is that not out yet?

He was left out of city’s preview :eyes:

Omg maybe we have signed him after all

Salah at 13m is an avoid for me tbh


Yeah I think he’s starting to slow down as well

KDB is a must have isn’t he