Fantasy Premier League 21/22

Definitely. Looks to be my best captain choice of the season.

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KDB my triple captain


Mine too. So nice after the lack of returns from Salah.

Looks like I’ll need to accept Europa League football after being in the top 4 the majority of the season haha.

Proper bottle job. Still an improvement on last season tho :joy:

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KDB with 56 points so far (as captain) and, I don’t want to be presumptuous but he’s going to get top bonus points too.

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Currently on 167 points with Nketiah to play

Best FPL week ever


I’m only in 115(-4) with Saka and Nketiah to play. Still hoping the KDB party isn’t over yet. Here’s hoping my free hit next week goes well. This week has got me back within touching distance of my free gym membership. If the FH pans out I could be too heading into the final week!

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Could my bench BE any more wrong?


Will you get any of them?

Wow, that’s impressive.
I’ve got around twenty before, in consecutive game weeks, but your bench is going to take some beating.

No :frowning:

Used the freehit so everyone in my team was double gameweeking.

On 120(-12) right now on the BB with 3 yet to play, but still only a small green arrow, mostly due to no KDB. What a huge scoring gameweek this has been.

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I feel like a failure with my 87 points. Hopefully Son scores 4 tonight.

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Me too, as long as we score more. :grinning:

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Don’t worry, some people would love to be on 87 - right @Flexo ? :sweat_smile:

Nah, I’m completely satisfied with my score of 58…lol

Crawled back to within 17 in my other mini league. Leader has Saka, I have Saka, Ramsdale and Nketiah, so would love some points to come from the latter 2.

I’m really annoyed.
If I hadn’t swapped Son for Richarlison as captain, I’d have another nineteen points.
Although I did play my bench boost.

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 22.11.01
Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 22.10.47

Going to put Pukki in for final week so that I can bank all the points from his upcoming hat-trick.

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The OA Cup Final 2022 :trophy:

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