Fantasy Premier League 21/22

Minimising those hits I see. KDB as cap?

Looking a bit loose these days

No hits as played my wildcard last week and will bench boost this week :arteta2:

And yep KDB captain

I did the same, got rid of Mane and Kane and got Salah, Jesus and Richarlison, with Salah as captain.

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I did consider dropping kane but sure he loves to score against us

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Keep switching my captain. Have settled on KDB now. Which means he will blank. Just thought I’d warn anyone else who had gone for Super Kev this week.

I was going to have KDB but after going out of the CL, I’m not sure how it will have affected him so I’ve gone the usual Salah as captain.

I brought KDB in and captained him. Needed a differential to try and win my mini league. Hope it pays off. Salah not returning today is a good start, especially as the leader captained him. Hope KDB performs tomorrow. He was taken off early, not long after the 70th minute. So hope he’ll play both as it’s all or nothing for the PL title. They won’t want to lose that to L’pool.

Took a -4 so need some performances. Had to bring in Nketiah for Wood (a needed transfer) to enable Havertz to KDB. Not the best of starts as no returns so far. Chelsea and L’Pool conceding means 1 and 2 pointers.


Nketiah the enabler for KDB is rewarding me! Thank you! More please!

Did exactly the same thing. Though wishing I’d considered Eddie as captain :sweat_smile:

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West Ham score four and Bowen get’s three assists.

Good thing is hardly anyone will have him

Glad I made a last minute decision to transfer out Dennis for Eddie


Salah benched :pray:

m8 :sob:

I see you’re having a bit of a rough week man

I think about 4 of my double gameweek players didn’t even play in the first one :xhaka:

I haven’t even bothered to log on to assess the damage :grimacing:

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Probably for the best, it ain’t pretty mate :rofl:


A brace from KDB in the first half! Keep it coming please. Needed these points. Now if only I could get some returns from Alonso and Pukki since current leader I my other mini league doesn’t have them.

Bet you’re glad you stuck with KDB with his first half brace!

Although who knows? Eddie could surprise us against Spurs, but I wouldn’t bet money on it. I think goals there will come from elsewhere.


Make that a hat trick now!!!