Fantasy Premier League 21/22

@Darkseid unbelievable

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Retained the crown :crown:

Amazing last few weeks whoooooooo


You’re banned from joining our league next season

Well played. The FH paid off in the last week for you. I had a few straight weeks of poor 50/50 calls. Clawed back and lost in the final day. But it’s all good. I won my Leisure centre mini league and a top 100k finish, so not a bad season. I wanted that free membership, so my focus was there and just pipped the leader. His -4 cost him and a surprise return from Coutinho nudge me to the top on the final day!

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@Darkseid does the double! :trophy::trophy:

Disappointing how in the early months of 2022 we were battling each other for 2nd and 3rd and come May I end up 7th and you win the league lol.

Not even top 6 ffs. I had an awful April and May lol. Just like Arsenal :joy::joy:

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Congratulations to @Darkseid again, although he should be drugs tested. :grinning:

I managed top score in the last game week but I did triple captain Son.

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Where’d you get that from?

They send it in a email if you have subscribed to the mailing list.

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Also, just be normal next season and name your team

Ah seen, I never get mail from them so mine must be turned off

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Finally got my free gym membership applied this morning! Saves me £500 this year. That’s about half the cost of my season ticket.

Nicked it by 3 points. So so glad I didn’t take a hit!

First mini league win ever. I’ve come close on OA. Already formulating a strategy for next season. Setting a few goals. Will have to see if I can stick to them and if they pay off! But so not looking forward to the big winter break with WC.


Had to scratch my head until I saw the league name :sweat_smile: