Fantasy Premier League 20/21

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Fernandes will be captained by the vast majority. Think I’ll transfer out Kane for Rashford, then bring Kane straight back the following gameweek.

I want Cavani but he won’t start all 3. But then again, a lot of the United players might not. Fuck, big decisions to make here.

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No point even thinking about it. Mass rotation imminent

True, but most double gameweeks the players only play once, at least with three you’ve got a decent chance of them playing twice…

Nah tbh cba with FPL anymore this season to much rotation and injuries.

Bored of it till next season now :joy:

I’ve still got the triple captain chip to play FFS :see_no_evil:

This was my first thought. But, alas, Rashford is a midfielder.

I’ve already got Pogba in my team but he isn’t guaranteed to start so I might swap him for Rashford or Greenwood.
I’m not sure about Azpillcuetto and Rudiger either because Tuchel rotates too much so I might bring in a Man U defender.

I’ve already got Bruno and Shaw. Unsure on if to bring a third United player in. Maguire is probably the defender most likely to start all 3 games, but I might risk it with Cavani. Even if he only plays half the minutes, he’s often good for a goal.

I expect a heavily rotated 11 for United’s game versus Leicester, but then again Ole hasn’t been the keenest when it comes to giving players a rest.

I’d only put my hat on Maguire playing all three games (90 mins).

I was going to bring Cavani in but he rarely starts and someone like Greenwood or Rashford normally play in most games.
I might go with Maguire as well because he plays nearly every game and gets the occasional goal.

Yeah Rashford was my preference but he is listed as a midfielder in FPL. The only midfielder I would take out for him is too cheap. Bit annoying really. Cavani will surely start at least one though. He has featured in every game since he came back from injury - 4 starts and 4 as sub.

That’s Bruno going back in my team as captain

I’m betting against Fernandes in that triple, h
he’s been piss poor in the 2nd half of the season.

Looking at Grennwood instead as a cheeky differential with the form to match.

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Taken an 8 point hit. Playing the bench boost. This is the only GW I have left to catch up with the guy top of my paid league.

Only decision is whether to captain Greenwood or Fernandes. Atm I’m on Greenwood for the differential but might change my mind.

Who are you people captaining?

I think everyone that has Fernandes will captain him, so if you’re looking for a chance to make big gains I’d avoid.

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I’ve got both and Fernandes recent form isn’t great but I still might stick with him.

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Ole as of an hour ago “It’s too much of an injury risk, so it will be rotation - and a lot of rotation.”


This is why its pointless.

Just forget about it till next season lads to much effort now :joy:

Only quitters quit