Fantasy Premier League 20/21



23.5M of my 100M locked in already :joy:

Nah I’m skipping Salah again. Hopefully Mané is cheaper.

Not this time.

Probably fair, I thought Mané was better than Salah last season. But was hoping FPL were still in their Salah love in. Ah well.


Will Aubameyang and Rashford be midfielders? They play the same position as Salah and Mané after all.


Now we wait until tomorrow for another 5 reveals. I’m curious about TAA. Will they make him an 8M defender? Have they ever had defenders at 8M?

Werner :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Auba as a midfielder. A must have I think.


Oh that’s ridiculous.


What :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Phoebica it’s better as mids get more points as captains.

@Electrifying even FPL think he’d better on LW :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Absolute insanity lol

I want Lallana at 6.5 to be a good deal but my head says it’d be a waste of money

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Oh yeah, it’s better in the points sense. But he’s a forward. In no world is he a midfielder.

everyone will have Auba, KDB and Salah in there midfield lol :joy::joy:

@Phoebica yep. Auba is this seasons Lundstrom

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I won’t. That’s too much money. I want balance. Unless they’re increasing our budget. The players seem to be getting more expensive every year, so they should really.

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Yeah it’s tempting to do that but I prefer trying to balance it out through my team as well and EVERYONE will have them so getting some differentiators in will be key

How can I afford them three plus TAA and Werner :anguished:

You’ll have to pick lots of 4 million players who never play.


God damn inflation FPL need to give us more than 100m. Tight bastards :joy::joy::joy: