Fantasy Premier League 20/21

You replied to me, but I am reading that as if you are talking to to yourself, lol.

Hopefully, despite what you are saying, you actually hope Jota does fuck all.

I hope the city of Liverpool collapses into itself, so yes, you could interpret that as wanting Jota to do fuck all


I know a couple of people who live in Liverpool. And I keep telling them that I hope Scouseland dies a slow painful death.

Me and you should form a club. We can invite all the cool people. So not @JakeyBoy or @Midfield_Maestro


Nearly. :grinning:

Yeah he did take 2 penalties, courtesy of the rule that if a Man United player misses a penalty he must retake until he scores.

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Wouldn’t join your peasant filled club anyway. :sunglasses:

I’d make an exception for you :wink:

DCL on the score sheet allready good job I made him captain this week


He’s my vice, so I’ll wait until after my captain plays before I complain :smile:

Kane can claim that goal as DCL totally didn’t deserve it :smiley:

I captained Grealish and his 1 point like an absolute :clown_face:

Have Son Bruno and DCL who hauled

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I captained Son thankfully

My week is going well so far. And will obviously only get better with Bellerin’s massive load.

I swapped my Captain from DCL to Bruno. Still a good return, but missed out on a few extra points. Also made a last minute decision to go Son to KDB on my WC. I would’ve held off until next GW if I hadn’t been on a WC. We’ll see if it lays off.

I think this is the first time all of my starting defenders got CS! Double Chelsea’s + Coufal.

64 points isn’t bad considering Grealish ownership, but damn Son. Still better than most of my GWs.

@Calum 9 points for Bellerin



Fucking Leeds. We frauded our way to a double clean sheet.

Makes it worse I started Lamptey over the double arsenal for a -1 a fucking 10 point swing :joy::joy:

Doing well this week but benched Robertson for Lamptey :laca:

A bit off topic but can you imagine a defender having 165 points after just 15 gameweeks in FPL :joy:

Hello top 4 :grin:

Who was hoping for points from Zaha? Not in the squad and is self-isolating. Hope you have someone good as first sub!

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