Fantasy Premier League 20/21

@Calum how are fixture proof Tierney and Bellerin doing for you tonight? :joy::wink::wink:

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I only said Tierney was tbh look back and see.

I still have a playable team (so far) :joy::raised_hands:

Gonna have faith in Mikel this week and put Aubameyang as captain :star_struck:

Is anyone else’s team screwed up this week due to injuries/covid?

2 of my back line is injured (Chilwell & Robertson) , Salah is out with covid (and had a 2nd positive test after testing again yesterday) and another midfielder out.

I wanted to only bench Salah to avoid the headache of bringing him back, but it looks like he will miss 2 gameweeks.

In a passionate rage I was going to dump Auba but held out because of the risks to players’ availability, and that looks a smart choice.

Will take a - 4 as currently 4 of my starters will not play as it stands, and my bench is a non-event. The hit will be absorbed by the fact that the players will actually play…

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Looks I’m gonna have to take my free hit due to covid haha

I’ve got three oranges and a red - Taylor, Brewster, Salah and Wilson.

Guess I can run the risk on the other 3 as they’re all at 75% chance of playing but Salah is definitely out which is annoying

Ideally I save my free hit for a week when cup matches will be played and I load up on those who are playing a league match.

But it’s a rough season - I imagine many will use their free hits sooner than they would like

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Fucking lol

Robertson and Chilwell will likely both start as well as most other players that are flagged.

Salah is the big miss but others should play.

I haven’t got any orange/yellow players. Just shit ones :ozil:


Robertson played 90 minutes last night he’s not injured

Think I’ll bring Auba for Salah since he’s positive then transfer him back in when he’s back as I don’t have any other issues

Because Salah was injured, I was going to swap him for Fernandes but went for Grealish instead and made him captain.
Typical of Aston Villa to up their game against us, then lose at home, to relegation fodder. :grinning:

That’s your own fault. That was an atrocious decision. If you could afford Fernandes, you should have gone with Fernandes. He’ll be scoring 2 penalties later.

I took Son out this week, damn it

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Who did you replace him with though?

Took out Salah and Son, brought in Jota and Fernandes

So it might still work out well

Fucking Lamptey

Sounds like Frank Lampard and Thomas Partey’s love child

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Fernandes paid off as I captained him (along with most FPL managers who did the same as me), but depends on how well Jota does.

Could have simply swapped out Salah and kept Son, so am needing a solid haul from Jota, let’s see what happens