Fantasy Premier League 20/21

Yeah, so annoying. My first sub got 1 point :roll_eyes:

Hope Taylor can get a clean sheet and get me to around 70 points.

Hope he gets sent off

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I hope he does aswell. Sorry Cristo I can’t have myself starting Lamptey with his -1 and Bellerin (9) and Taylor (6 potentially) sitting on my bench

Betrayal most foul :bergkamp2:

Sigh :disappointed:

Yes Taylor!

Should end on about 69 points, which I’m happy considering Salah had to hit the bench and Wilson and Brewster didn’t bang.

Not perfect but better than I expected

Vardy transferred in and instantly is captain. He has poor old Fulham :joy::eyes::fire:

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I woulda waited.

While Vardy doesn’t normally play EL games for Leicester (and it is highly unlikely he plays tomorrow given they’ve already won 3 out of 3), anything can happen in terms of injury on European matchday

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I don’t believe in waiting. I do my transfers early to get it out the way then I don’t look at it till the weekend.

Hardly ever goes wrong

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You can sometimes save a bit of money doing it early too, by getting in there before the price rise.

I can’t handle the heartache of seeing they’ve got injured the day before though…

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Anyone getting any Man City players in this week? They have quite a favourable run of games (3 of their next 4 games are v Burnley, West Brom and Fulham).

I’d need to take Son out though, so not sure if it’s worth the risk, despite Spurs’ tough run of fixtures.

I’ve added De Bruyne. Removed Aubameyang :cry: stayed loyal with him since GW1. But it’s time to go now.

Hopefully you were the jinx and he’ll start scoring now :grinning:


I woudn’t mind that one bit :smiley: He can score a hattrick every game for all I care!


I’m going for Sterling rather than Vardy, although I might go for both and lose the four points.

Sterling doesn’t seem to have been on it lately. Mind you, their whole team seem a bit fatigued at times, that’s why I’m a bit cautious about putting any of them in my team.