Fantasy Premier League 20/21

Hasn’t @sol triple captained Kane this week or something?

Not triple captain, just normal. If Spurs are going to win, might as well obtain a small silver lining

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I got the first bit right.
I’ll settle for 3-3 as well.

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Son went off in the 80th minute so got a clean sheet point :ozil:

Glad I put a Villa defender in. They’re going good at the moment.

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Wolves defender Kilman with 9 points last week and 12 points this week. He is currently £4.0m on FPL.

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Only question is whether he continues to start but that’s incredible value.

Scored 91 points and now at 74K :bergkamp2:

Who usually plays there?

The back 3 is usually Saiss Coady Boly

But for some reason Saiss is playing LWB lol

Oh is Jonny the missing link?

Yeah he has an injury doesn’t he?

Yeah an ACL, poor guy

They have Marcal who came off the back tonight (back from injury) so Saiss may be going back to the three along with Boly and Coady.

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I don’t think they has much luck with the back 3, so I can see them sticking with a back 4 for now. Who knows?

Made 2 early transfers this week befoe anymore possible price changes. Need them to pay off and need to get the captain right this week. I just haven’t been able to get much over the avaerage at all this season. So frustrating.

Was going to Trossard out but decided to wait one more week with their match against WBA. I know WOL have a match against Newcastle, but I’m more tired of Podence right now than Trossard who’s looked more dangerous. Also took a -4 for a defender change. Had to get Egan out. Only had 2 defenders I was comfortable playing. Probably a stupid -4, but we’ll see.

This must be one of the highest scoring weeks we’ve had.
Most people in the top half got around eighty points or more.

I’m going to have to replace VVD with a cheaper player and get Sterling or Salah in midfield after the injury to De Bruyne.


That’s fine super sub Brewster comes off the bench again


I was mainly mentioning it in case someone hadn’t made their transfers and was planning to bring him in. If you have him though, I’d just start him and make sure you have the best sub first.

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Just to say that if you intend on doing that and he doesn’t play you need to have a midfielder as first sub otherwise you won’t get any points for the zero score.

Is this new? It was any outfield player. The only way no swap would take place is if you would send you down to 2 defenders. That isn’t allowed.

Yeah that must be new as in the past my midfielders who didn’t play have been substituted for strikers on the bench.