Fantasy Premier League 20/21

Yes, the deadline has passed now so you will have to go back in later when everyone’s confirmed team for the gameweek is ready to view.

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I’m a bit anxious as I have gone for Man Utd cover in Martial this week over an Everton player (James or Calvert-Lewin, who are on my radar), having to get him as a striker instead also scuppered my plan a bit, but will see how it goes.

Auba captain again. He is the 2nd most owned player in the game (behind TAA, and most owned attacking player) on about 46% ownership and most popular captain choice. Whatever happens, its nice to see people appreciate his talent.

Proud of our boy

Deadline to make changes is 90 minutes before the first PL kick off time.


Greenwood vs James Rodríguez was the dilemma I had. My heart wanted to go for Greenwood but I opted for the Colombian because the #UnderlyingStats. Brain wins out this time round.

Triple captain is pure luck I triple captained Manè in a DGW last season and he got one fucking point.

So I’ve tripled Auba tonight. Here we go :fire::fire::fire:


Took a -4 to bring in Rashford and DCL in places of Alli and Vardy respectively. Auba the obvious captain this week.

I thought you could only triple once a season? Can you do it every game week?

Honestly I have no idea how I won the last one I did with my mates a few years ago because I know nothing

No once a season.

Triple captain is the worst chip. Is sorely based on luck haha

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oh okay cool.

I forgot to check if Werner or Pulisic are fit yet as well… god I’m useless at this

Werner is fit for the Liverpool match, Pulisic isn’t.

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Stuck both James and DCL in for a hit :pepe2:


I feel like such a cunt for taking DCL out of my team right before gw1

Goal and assist for my guy Pereira. Been singing his praises to everyone :smile: hope you kept him in @Calum


Nah he was in an early draft. Didn’t keep him as thought 6.0 was to much for a player in the joint worse team in the league haha

Damn, that’s a juicy double up :laughing:

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Calvert-Lewin was a bargain at 7m at this stage

Big Dom does it again

So far so good :grin:

Fuck me