Fantasy premier league 17/18


I have climbed up a position, from 20th to 19th. Not bad at all in the end :hipster:


I been bottoms off the league for most off the campaign now I have climbed up to 12th


Thanks to Jesus injury i have to play fucking Iwobi again :sanchez2:


Aiming for short term success as my team will look ugly after but I wildcarded 3 Spurs and West Ham players in for this GW


Think I’m gonna pick up Walcott for my fantasy team


I put Tosun in last week. Not sure I want to over load on Everton players, lol. But I did put Theo in my draft team. Other people wanted him - but the rule in draft is that the lowest score gets him, so I got rewarded for being shit :rofl:


Just waiting for Auba to be announced so I can fuck the mouth breather off and get Auba to partner Laca :sunglasses::sunglasses:



I’m going 11.0




Lol definitely selling Lacazette for Auba


You have Lacazette still?!


Yeah god knows why. Vardy Firmino Walcott and Salah have been carrying me :wink:



Couldn’t squeeze Mhki or Walcott in but have managed Giroud and Aubameyang. I went wild card crazy.


58 points for salah tonight :grin::grin::grin:


Stopped playing over Xmas but logged in today for the first time since to have a little peek, got 90 points from six players. Not only Salah but 15 points from Tomkins :smile:

Hands down the best week I’ve had all season haha


I got 98 points but I’m still only second.
It seems that almost everyone had Salah as captain.


I shot up to 6th yesterday with 101 points not bad since I had 4 players out


Imagine not captaining Salah yesterday. Kinda lost interest in this for a bit but I’m still top 4 :wenger:


A lot of people used their free hit chip, but unless you had zero players this week, then surely it’s best to save that for a double game week and then put in 11 players who are playing twice?!