Fantasy premier league 17/18


So the start off the season is near which means the return off fanstasy football

So here is the code to join

Good luck everyone

Just put what ur football teams called
1: Lister86 - Dwarfstar86
2:Oliver - Invicta
3: Cristo - Bendtners boys
4: Maxi_Gonner -Wengerball
5:Gladiator - Prime
6:tone - Boscielny

Who own these teams Red Dwarf fc, #wengerout, DB10, AW49 ??


The above league has been disbanded. Send @Midfield_Maestro a PM to request entry


2: Oliver - Invicta


Cristo - Bendtners Boys


Maxi_Gooner - Wengerball


You need to register your team to the OA league.


Haven’t joined or made a team yet, but mine will be called “Fields of Wheater”


Me is as always, Prime


Gonna do it soon.


I’m liking the new change. Instead of All Out Attack we have a Free Hit. I never use the All Out Attack chip so definitely an improvement in my opinion.

By the way, how do you all feel about losing to a girl? :wink:


We don’t mind because we aren’t sexist pigs.


I’m sure I’ll end up be playing with the same lineup after the 5th gameweek, but I’ll register anyway.


It was a joke Oliver :xhaka:


I was joking too. Now go make me a sandwich you wench.


I’m in - Boscielny


Gonna wait another couple weeks for transfers to complete then join me thinks.


Transfers are free until kick off day so it basically doesn’t matter when you join. You can fiddle with your team at all times before the season kicks off.


I’m in - Technical Knockaert


Gunning_from_Italy :wink:


I’m in. Giroud Sandstorm :sunglasses:


What’s everyone’s team looking like?

I’m really struggling to put one together. Every decent player seems so expensive.

Really feels like you need to buy some cheap, younger players and hope they have a break out.