Fantasy premier league 17/18


Ha I very much care about it still! One of the best things about the PL. When I wake up every morning one of the first things I do is check the price changes. :joy:

Finally got rid of Alexis after getting him in for GW4 foolishly thought he would be as good as last season for us but he clearly doesn’t give a fuck so took him and Morata out for Hazard and Agüero.

On 31 points this week with one still to play and two coming off the bench


I care too. I do FF seriously all season every season. But I am doing so badly that I just don’t want to talk about it :see_no_evil:


Every since my whole 11 got injured i cba


Total shower of shit this week, Morata out and Kane, Lukaku, Mkhitaryan and Salah did sweet FA between them.

And don’t get me started on the defenders, got 37 points FFS.

Still 1st though :sunglasses:


I got 57 points with 2 to play so that’s decent. I sacrificed 8 points tho to sign Hazard, thinking Palace would be a walkover, but he done fuck all :woman_facepalming:


Only 43 points, despite having both Sanè and Gabriel Jesus :xhaka:


THe American who’s only been watching 5 years is in 5th place, cmon you englanders who know so much about football…fight me!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m 7th despite it being my first time playing FPL, being a girl playing FPL I felt like rabbit in headlights at the start but I got the hang of it, holding my own in this league :grinning:


How on earth do you lot remember to do this :disappointed_relieved:

I get so excited then after a week or two it just loses all appeal


The PL app sends you a notification 2 hours before the cut off :wink:

I still often completely miss it though.


The worst is trying to remember when theres a Friday night game.

Bournemouth played Brighton a few weeks back, and I remained completely oblivious to the fact that they’re both in the top flight :frowning:


Pretty pissed off with my bench but at least Suttner comes in for Kolasinac.


Pissed that I didn’t captain Kane FFS.

Still did OK though considering Hughes didn’t play and everyone else was either crocked or suspended.


Lmao I’m somehow 2nd in the league


I was second a few games ago but I’ve dropped to ninth, although I’m still only about forty points off second place.
Nearly every game I have defenders getting injured even though they keep a clean sheet.

Last week I had Aguero, Otamendi and Silva and they managed two points between them.


Currently 20th. Getting relegated to the turkish fantasy league.


I’m still 4th. I was 1/2nd for a long while but then I had a couple of 30 point weeks that really fucked me.


You’re fucked :grinning:


Ok, no problem. I always keep my promises :wink:


Should I triple captain Harry Kane or not? Hmmm.

Two easy-ish games for Spurs - Swansea and West Ham - but he’s been ill and with 2 games in 3 days, they might rotate :confused: