Fantasy premier league 17/18


I’ll have you know Ive had my Sergio since day 1


Aguero out and Lacazette in then.


Except he doesn’t score away from home and he plays for Arsenal…

Better off with Morata, Lukaku, Kane or Jesus imo


I had Morata before I bought Aguero, I’ve already got Lukaku, Jesus is an option until Aguero is back and Kane is too expensive.

I might have Lacazette just for the game against Brighton and then maybe bring Moratta back.


Typical Arsenal fan :mustafi:


Picking the striker who is playing Crystal Palace is basically free points


I wonder how many people are going to captain Lukaku this week?!




Oh fuck lukaku is playing palace? Shit.

I’ve got morata and Jesus going up against each other’s defences :disappointed::disappointed:


It’s a choice between Lukaku and Mkhitayran for captain.
They’ve both done well for me.


Yeah I’ve got both of them too. Gonna go with Lukaku though - which means Mkhitaryan will score a hat-trick.


Yes please I just captained him


Not sure why but think Kane will have a better weekend.

Lukaku is a safe bet though.


Yep, took the 4 neg points to squeeze in Kane and captained the shit out of him.

Everyone adding Aguero early in the week must be absolutely gutted


All three of my striker’s rose last night :sunglasses:

Morata Lacazette and Kane. Really like them as a trio they scored 7 goals between them for me last weekend and only injury will make me transfer one out.

Got Morata when he was 10.1 now he’s 10.4 Kane when he was 12.4 now he’s 12.6 and Lacazette is now 0.1 from being back to his original price. Team value now sitting at 100.9 :heart:


Lukaku a doubt to face Palace. Should have put Kane in instead. FML.


Ben Davies you fucking tosser :neutral_face:


Ah Morata going off injured the week I put him in. I’m quitting this crap game!


Guessing no one cares about this game past September lmao, some good fixtures next week however, Hazard v Watford, Silva and Sterling v Burnley, Lukaku v Huddersfield all look tasty


Haha I still care GG. I got too fucked up on Friday night and forgot all about changing my team post international break so I’ve got to be fairly pleased with this week.

63 points with two players left to play is rather good in my book

Just a bit of a shame I was so negligent as Jesus would have been captain this week and I have been thinking about selling Walker to allow me to bring Sterling into midfield for Mkhitaryan who needed selling weeks ago.