Fantasy premier league 17/18


I am beating that angus atm, tbh :kos2:


Need to somehow get Aguero into my team before his annual shedding of thighs begins.


I probably spend about 20 mins in a week messing around with my team, haven’t got FPL nerd status… yet


I had Aguero as captain smug smile




I’m doing pretty shocking tbh my overall rank is in the 3 millions :disappointed: not been in the millions since my first season in 10/11…

Was 21st in the OA league so nearly at the bottom :joy:


Morata and Alli out and Aguero and Silva in. Man City at home to Crystal Palace should mean a few goals and assists for both of them.


Took Alli and Bertrand out for Silva and Walker, for the same reasons as above. Having Alli and Eriksen as captain and vice backfired pretty hard this week lol. Cunts


Swapped captain from Morata to Firmino. 4 points for Firmino, 17 for Morata.


I captained Morata last week against us and then made David Silva captain this week…


74 points and I still have Xhaka and Kolasinac to play, I’m chuffed with that :grinning:


Good effort, I’ll be happy with 70 points overall


I should have probably gone with Silva too. He’s been really good the last 2 match days. Next week will be tough with Chelsea playing ManCity.


Yeah that probably won’t be a 4-0 for City haha


Lloris conceded 2 goals=first choice
De Gea kept a clean sheet=on the bench



I bought Aguero, Silva and Otamendi in for these games, with as Aguero captain, and they got me nearly forty points.
I’ve gone up to joint second with a couple of players still to play, Gross and Kolasinac.


Benched Azpi for Alonso :facepalm: fml.

I really need a Kane or Lukakku in my team, someone that manages to score each week. Firmino has been somewhat toothless recently.


Lol at my injuries


Oh shit, didn’t realize Mane is back.


Ha a wildcard might be in order.

I’m just enjoying all the people who spent ages last week trying to squeeze in Aguero after his points-fest the week before only for them to now have to take him out again because of some reggaeton singer from Colombia!

Having said that, i’ve used my wildcard this week because my players haven’t lived up to the expectations I set upon them :unamused: