Fantasy premier league 17/18


Jesus and Sanè :kos2:


And Laca as well :kos2:


Frustrating game these days :roll_eyes:


Sucks for everyone that has to replace Mané now. Fortunately it’s not me :grinning:


Fucking Mane has been my captain… -4 points lmao.


Guess who had Chris Wood :sunglasses: I like this game again, for now


Still #1 Denz

Mane and Salah though…smh.


Think I’d probs just kill myself


My bench once got 26 points, wanted to cry


Morata let me down today as did Eriksen and De Bruyne.

Had a stroke earlier this week and put Vokes in my team and benched Kolasinac.

Could have done better.


Not a good round up for me.


Not too bad for me


Yeah Eriksen and Morata didn’t show up this week for me either.

Next week should be decent.


Decent week for me. Very tight between me and you we were joint before today now I’m 1 point ahead :wink:


Ha, girl v girl. I’m sure a few guys on here want to see that :grin:

But no seriously. I’m all for us both doing well and beating a lot of guys on here.


I’m also all for you beating Luca and Calum comfortably.


70 pts for me this week without a keeper and forgetting to sub off Mane. Thanks to Aguero and Lukaku mainly


I hate people like you. Who “forget” to do stuff but still get lots of points :roll_eyes:


Im literally one of those people that make a team then log into it about 5 times during the course of the season haha.


Yeah you’re annoying. I’m one of those people whe spends a lot of time on their team. Though to be fair, you did warn us at the start that this is what you did