Fantasy premier league 17/18


Salah on, you got 30 minutes for him to do something!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got Mkhitayran as captain and Lukaku and they have got me 24 points between them.
I might get Pogba in for the next game as well.


I benched Chicharito for this week. Bugger.


I’ve had a rubbish week, but Chicharito is saving it somewhat.


I’ve got him as well and was going to drop him.
West Ham might not get many goals but if they do score Chicarito is likely to be involved in them.


Capoue off the bench and bags me 6 points, gonna have to replace him though seems he’s lost his starting spot.

Hasn’t started two weeks in a row, even Cleverly is playing over him snoop


Mkhitayran as captain and Courtois, Lukaku, Chicarito and Alonso got me over sixty points out of seventy, and they were all playing away from home, which has put me up to third in the OA League.

I need to get Pogba in some how but I don’t want to swap Alli out yet because they are playing Burnley in the next game.


Walker :hipster:


KDB out Alexis Sanchez back in.

Bit of a naff weekend, hoping for an Alexis hat trick against the Scousers :sanchez2:


Sanè shit as well. Thanks Pep!


Aren’t you aiming for the red lantern (lanterne rouge) anyway, my Italian friend?

e:/ for clarity


What? :expressionless:


Daniels on my bench. Obviously :roll_eyes:


Snap :confounded:


Seeing as I surely won’t get another chance to say this…

:musical_note: I’m top of the league, I’m top of the league! :musical_note:


Anyone else seem to be removed from the league? don’t seem to be able to rejoin either…


Can someone send the details to join the league as both myself and my son were initially part if it (have for the last couple of years) and now cannot access it ? @Leper


PM sent



Yeah cheers for that ref. :sob:


I put Lacazette as captain on the assumption that he’d be playing with Alexis. Instead he’ll be teaming up with Welbeck :roll_eyes: