Fantasy premier league 17/18


After your decision making last weekend, I think I’ll skip putting him in this week :grin:


He will now be sent off the next match :henry2:


I was 5 pints in when Vardy scored his second against us so I kneejerked and sold mounie to get Vardy before his price went up lol

Feel like a mug now, oh well :joy:


Vardy still good tbf. Could have been worse! haha


Hopefully. Fucking highlander :mustafi:


Vardy playing Brighton this weekend :smirk: easy points


Haha not so sure about that, they looked very well drilled against City and a tougher nut to crack than people realise


Yeah, was literally about to type the same thing. They were pretty good against City - who, you could argue, have the best attack in the league - they were definitely better defensively than Leicester, and probably us too.


I’m pretty confident Vardy will score, in good form and Aguero already scored v Brighton. They were probably nervous in their 1st PL game. If that chav lets me down Mounie or Firmino will deliver


Pogba’s bossing it two assists and a goal today.


Only one game in and I’m already hating this game week. I put Salah as captain and he’s not even bloody playing!


I can’t get on the site, is it down?


Updating the points, you southern hot dog :wink:


I signed Pogba and he got me 1 goal 2 assists on his debut :sunglasses:


That’s why you have a vice captain. A couple years ago you would have really been in trouble, they didn’t have that function.


Signed him and made him captain after round one. Good decision :slight_smile:


Which would be great if Salah wasn’t on the bench. He’ll no doubt come on for the last 10 minutes or something.


Oh yeh true, well if it’s any consolation Klopp said he’s trying to keep his guys fresh so maybe he will decide not to play him especially if they are winning.


I had him for the season starting because Alexis wasn’t match fit. Looks like I’m gonna have to find another way to fit Alexis in now probably downgrading Kane as Pogba on this form looks a season keeper


You might not have to worry about it regarding accommodating Alexis