Fantasy premier league 17/18


It’s not only the flag but also the country ranking.

Could really be that u used a british adress code


Did my standard week 2 wildcard. Every time same shit.

Like I had 5.5m Lindelof in, only to find out as a 30m signing he’s “not ready” for the PL so despite being fit not even on the bench :bellerin:


Whats the wild card do?


Give you one opportunity to make unlimited changes to your team in a game week.

You get one in the first half and one in the second half of the season


Cheers @Midfield_Maestro for the private invite.

will have a look later at kicking the leeches out

Edit:open leagues been closed


I’ve now left the public league. Only need to be in one OA League so may aswell make it be the proper OA one where you know you are only playing against OA members


Thanks. I nearly used my transfer lol


I think most have transitioned over now.

Be good to know who is who though!


Good the fake league has been closed. Kick those kebab prats out! :mustafi:


The points from the first week can be carried over to the new league, but it’s an option you have to click when making the new league. If I’m not mistaken it looks like the new league is going to start counting points in week two?


Yeah looks that way.

@Midfield_Maestro Did you not select the option to carry points over?


I’m Bendtner Boys


Hey men, WTF!? Be clear! :bellerin:


Have u looked in the options for the league might give u the option to change it


So there’s a new league?


Ian Wright’s FPL team if anyone is interested

Capo’d Laca :sunglasses:


Yep, changed settings for scoring to start from GW1. We’re good to go.

@Jules sent PM


So do we lose Wk1 scores? Or will they be included in the next update?


Week 1 scores will count.


Making up for last weekend…

Forgive me Mounie :heart_eyes: