Fantasy premier league 17/18


Totally up to you guys. Just made the private one to filter the lurkers and randoms.


I’d let Lister get rid of most of the fake accounts in the main league

Ridiculous amounts of non arsenal fans in there. When i looked at my points last night and looked at the names in the league i knew straight away most of them were not arsenal fans or real members of this site!

Thanks for the invite MM :+1:


Trump approves :grimacing:


Joined! So what we do with the other league now?


I’ve now left the open league


What I’d like to know is how so many of these random Muslim’s joined it?! As it’s not happened any season before haha and this website is quite niche no one knows it but us.

Reminds me of the time in 2012 when the site got spammed by three or four of them :joy: @Mysty @Bl1nk


It was my mistake. I advertised our Facebook page and it attracted all those annoying users. Thank fuck they went away, or did we ban them? Forgot. Eitherway I’m not making that mistake again haha. Though we get a lot of traffic through Facebook, Twitter and Reddit these days, so it may occur again without needing to advertise.

We have a LOT of lurkers on here, I regularly check our Google Analytics report and it often shows up to 50-70 current active users at that moment.


Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh WE JUST GETTIN STARTED BABY

Shout out to @Calum, @Titou14, @Phoebica, @Darkseid, @Cristo and everyone else’s XI I based my team off of. Having watched no preseason at all I knew I could rely on you guys.


Wow, solid week for you


So one league is the Champions League and the other one the Europa League? :wenger:


:astonished: idea thief!


Starting points from week one though yeah? :rofl:


Damn son!

It’s on in week 2.


Haha you’re welcome and thanks for the credit :grin::grin:


Why aren’t you playing under the danish flag btw or are you and I am looking at the wrong team?


Im assuming any leagues joined after week one still carry points over.

Can anyone comfirm?

Aint played for a few years but Im sure thats how it used to work.


I don’t know, maybe it’s because I put my British post code in? I’ve never seen any flags haha


Yeah points carry over I’m pretty sure.

You would only start at 0 if you actually start at GW2 and didn’t play GW1


Probably does, I joined a league just after our game v Leicester and my points for Kolasinac counted


Are all members in the correct OA league now ?