Fantasy premier league 17/18


My team atm is about 80% complete waiting on the return of Alexis to decide who I can have between Manè Kane Lukaku Morata and Hazard


Fuck Benteke & Kante, only 4 points combined from them. :fu:

I will sell the belgian because have no trust in de Boer… but I need to solve the Alexis acquisition.


Immediately brought in Miki. Think it’s gonna be City and United neck and neck for the title this year…unfortunately.


Anyone who’s done better than me is a cunt


24 cunts.



Sorry guys, i retire. See you.


Pathetic game! It is not possibile i’m last!


Relegation for you pasta boy :wink:


Fuck off! Bloody cheating game. Think i am gonna retire.


I think more lurkers have joined the league lifting you off the bottom


I can’t believe we have 67 people in the league. I can barely name 20 active posters haha


Indeed. It’s a fake league. Suspend it now! WHO THE FUCK IS IVANO MODRIC!?


Ok, i am not really last :wink:


Thats the trouble with putting the league code open on the forum.

From what I remember on the old OA, the code was sent via PM if you were interested in joining.


Much better Idea and would make the league much more fun if you knew the members of the league where OA posters instead of randomers


Tbh it wouldn’t even be that hard to filter out most of the top accounts that don’t belong in the league. There are lots of Liverpool/ManUtd supporters from Egypt and Algeria in the top15 that have many leagues in common. I’d imagine the group founder should be able to clear them out.


@Lister86 has some tidying up to do. :wink:

I would also close the league to stop new entrants joining


Yes, build the wall :grinning:


Ive made an OA private league and PM’d all the members who have posted in this thread so far.

If I’ve missed you out or you’re wanting to join, feel free to drop me a PM 🖒


Nice one @Midfield_Maestro!

Are we all abandoning the current league then and make your private one the OA League? Would be much better imo.