Fantasy premier league 17/18


Lurkers apparently. Or as like to refer to them as the silent majority who agree with me about Theo and Ox.


Well if a lurker wins, they don’t count!

By the way, knew you who you were straightaway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol oh did you? Should be an easy one to figure out :grin:


Does your wife know you’re gay?


Im not gay, but my husband is.


You mean your wife. :hipster: But anyway, Even though we disagree on Theo, your wife is obviously very understanding, and I’m sure you’re both lucky to have each other


Why does everyone always tell me this!!! Lol I’ll take the rest as a compliment, thanks lol :grin:


Haha sorry. What I really meant is, you are the best guy I have ever come across and anyone you choose to marry is very lucky


I’m basically a newly promoted team like Huddersfield, not having played this before so I’ll take 7th at this moment :grinning:


35th :xhaka:. Need to support Spuds and Manure today :facepalm:


12th at the moment, might give this front three a couple more weeks (Iheanacho and Gray 2 points between them). Grats to those who stuck with Mounie!


14th place despite Xhaka, Salah, Kolasinac, six points to Cedric, Mane… fuck Benteke, belgian Darren Bent. :sanchez2:



Just remembered why I haven’t played this awful game in years. Such pot luck :wink:


What lurkers ? I’m Chapelle’s Fif’s. !!


One day maybe if you are lucky you will get to marry a guy like me :yum: seriously though I’m not offended people often do ask how my husband puts up with me and they wonder what will become of my children, having a father like me and all lulz :grinning:


Lukaku ©


Lukaku © and Mounie :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Lloris didn’t concede and Manure win well. Good day for me.


Was relying on today to bring my score up.

Dele goal, Blind clean sheet, Mickey Targaryen with two assists and captain Lukaku’s goals. Plus a few bonus points to come. Job done.


Alli, Bailly and Captain Lukaku turning up for me