Fantasy premier league 17/18


I was going to do that, then realised the points I would get from this week, that I wouldn’t have got, I could use in the games where they play twice.

With Kane and Aguero injured it’s hard to choose who to have as the main striker.
I might go back to Firmino.


I lost Kane in my team so brought in Tosun thank god he’s scoring goals


That’s a good choice, and he is cheap as well.


At last, I’m top of the league, thanks to Aubameyang and Eriksen.


Is there an OA trophy? There should be.


This has been my worst FPL season since I started playing in 10/11 I’ve only left the 1million rank for a about 4 weeks of the whole season :joy::joy::see_no_evil:


You’ve dethroned me for now squire.

Not sure how long I was top but it was ages.


You’ve been top for ages but I’ve been on a good run recently.
I might make a few changes for the next games because quite a few teams are playing twice, which makes it difficult to choose.


I’m going to use my free hit. Fill it with only players who are playing twice


I think it’s the gameweek you played free hit? That accelerated the catch up and yeah fair play you’ve been on a run.

No Salah and City bottling it fucked me over this week haha.




FPL are introducing a new chip for next season called the “Harry Kane” where it gives your captained player every goal scored in his match.


I’ve done the free hit too. 200 points there easily :laughing: