Fantasy Football 2016/2017




My cup opponent is two points ahead and has Bellerin and Ozil still to play. I have Sanchez still to play



Calum Chambers is such an FPL bargain.

4.4 and he always is good for a CS as Boro are a defensive team.

Got me 8 points today :sunglasses:


Just swapped Kane for Benteke.
Crystal Palace are playing Swansea, so surely Benteke can get on the scoresheet and I’ve got Zaha as well.


I put Zaha in my team last week. It completely passed me by that he had dumped England for The Ivory Coast and so will be fucking off to Africa for a month :facepalm:


Snodgrass again YESS :heart_eyes: 5.7 and Hulls best player and everything goes through him. Another bargain

@Cristo :wink: Eriksen who??


Lucky bastards the lot of you. Would have been sitting 16 points on top right now had any bottle been shown in that decision :sob:.


Was in a quandary who to replace Zaha with - Sondgrass or Capoue. I opted for Capoue and of course Snodgrass went on to score twice in a row while Capoue’s points return is lower than the temperature outside.


And Zaha also decided to turn up and score. What a fantastic piece of transfer business has this been on my part. At least Giroud in for Deeney proved its worth.


Had SImon Francis on my bench but one one of my defenders didn’t play :sob:


Just swapped Benteke for Kane, and made him captain, and also had Vertonghen and Lloris.
So I’ve got forty points from those three players.


Stanislas on the bench with 7 but still got 93 points :arteta:

Love it when playing your wildcard pays immediate benefits

Edit: @Calum Chambers :cristo:


Got Chambers and Iwobi in my team for this weekend.

Hope they smash me some MOTHERFUCKING POINTS YEAH


Brought Pedro in as he’s pretty cheap and Chelsea seem like an absolute banker this weekend.


It’s really frustrating because literally at 11:25 i was like, should I captain Firmino? It’s Swansea after all. Nah I’ll stick with sanchez.

Better hope the Chilean does the business.


I sold Llorente last week. Can’t complain given the week I had but a little galling considering today’s events


Think I’ll sell vokes and get carroll




Ugh Chambers second on my bench


I swapped Chambers for Holebas this morning, winning