Fantasy Football 2016/2017


It’s back! Fantasy Football… You know the drill!

New site, new league. Use the following code to enter the OnlineArsenal league. 87816-29556


Ima wait til we get that get that fire new striker in before I set up my team!


Have to get used to the new Premier League colors!


Like new OA new FPL is now awesome on mobile! :smiley:

I don’t think Alexis or Ozil will start the season so they’re not in it untill they return. I’ve been waiting for this new arsenal striker for FPL every summer lol and it hasn’t happened.


Nice that looks good!


Yeah, the mobile site is really good. Which is handy because there doesn’t seem to be an app.


There will be one. It’s always out a few weeks later than the game launch. Rumours it’s free this year aswell


Bloody better be!


I’m in :hugs:


I’m in


Just joined.



Can you reject my team MightyArsano Has for some reason I have two teams in the league eithen tho when I logged in My MightArsano team wasn’t saved. Thank you


I’m in.


Done. The only way to do it though was to suspend you as a user. Thankfully it treats your two teams as two different people.


Might have to give this a go this season!




Didn’t know i was already in (@I_W, can you check it? Thanks!). I am still Gunning from Italy :smiley:


I’m in!

Tinkering so much with my team. Fucking stressful
Think I want lukaku in there with their run of fixtures, maybe Ayew too.