Fantasy Football 2016/2017


Any head to head league?


Two years ago I was in the top 10 and top 5 for most of the season, last year was such a trip none of the established players did much it was all new blood. It’s gonna be a tough decision on who to put on the team this year.


I heard both Ox and Walcott are going to have a fantastic, close to world class, season. You should definitely have both on your team.


It would definitely be a major coup to have them on the team. Nobody would expect it total sleeper pick.


I’m questioning having Origi and Siggurdsson in my team. Hmm.


Siggurdson was a great value two years ago. Last year he was trash. If Origi is Klopp’s boy I’d say go with him, lolpool will be scoring goals this year imo.


I’m in, HillaRiyad Clyneton :coq:

Ugh my team is sad af but I refuse to take Kane as a striker scum cunt, I think Vardy will also have a down year. As a fantasy manager I don’t see value in the striker market :wenger:


Jump in chaps, less than two days til the season starts.

League code: 87816-29556


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You know you want to. :smiley:

League code: 87816-29556


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Yes gents. I know you were planning on getting involved anyway. Why await the dawn? Seize the day! Huzzah! :sunglasses:

League code: 87816-29556


Disgusted I’m in the B squad there.


Thought the epic speech could make up for that. Thought wrong :expressionless:


Ready to start and to swap Mahrez with Firmino if Riyad will sign for us.


I signed up in July mate forgot about it till now though lol.


I’m sceptical about Siggy. Swansea were shit last season and they’ve sold Williamson and Ayew who were two of their best players but then he is relatively cheap and on pens/freekicks.

Lots of people questioning Origi, saying that Klopp will use him as a sub and Firmino as striker but I’m not sure when you consider how many minutes he got last season, how well he did at the Euros and how good his preseason has been. If he doesn’t get played much I can always flog him and buy Negredo or Rondon for cheaper who are nailed on starters.

Worried Mahrez might have his head turned in this transfer saga, but if he doesn’t perform it shouldn’t be hard to swap him sideways for Ozil or Payed when they’re back in GW2-3.


My team:

Will bring in Özil and either Koscielny or Mustafi when they return to the first team/sign


Think you’re wasting points on Allen and Cabaye to be honest. They’re not really goal-scoring or creative mids, so while they’re good players IRL they’re not great FPL players. Although Cabaye is on pens for CP, but I think you can do better.


They are just holders until I get Özil in after the international break so not bothered about points from them. Won’t be keeping both Agüero and Ibrahimovic so one will be gone to afford him.



Fair play, how come you’re not keeping Ibraguero? They’re so widely selected, if you drop them you face massively losing out.


Yeah, I will sign Mesut after the internation break. It’s impossible to pick a serious XI for the firsts three games because of the players still out.