Fantasy Football 2016/2017


I loaded up on West Brom players because they have an easy run of games from now on. But who scores? Bloody Fletcher and Brunt! That’s no good to me!


I have 19 points from two West Brom players. :slight_smile:

I am however great at leaving points on the bench. Happens every round. This round I have 5 players in my team worth in total as much as my second bench player (6pts).


Yeah I have McAuley actually who got 12 points, so I can’t complain too much. The other 2 hardly got anything though.



Alexis got me 75 points last season with the triple captain. Same again Alexis please!!!


Going for Diego Costa for captain this week. I don’t even care.


Maybe he will get sent off ;). Gabriel’s revenge :wenger:


Hopefully. Usually whoever I pick as captain has a mare. Though I’m confident that this will be the one week I get it right.


I was top of the OA league last month but in the last games only got about thirty points.
I normally have Sanchez as captain but I think Chelsea are going to target him and he could get booked or sent off so I’m going for Alli as captain.


Lukaku completely switched up the game :sob:


Double game week alert. Captain Aguero (or Peter Crouch, whatever floats your boat)


Nah saving that triple captain for Alexis like last season :wink:


Hmmm maybe. You have to balance it out though. Are our 2 games going to be any easier than what City have this week? Sunderland away and Stoke at home.


Only just checked FF and I got 98, well chuffed with that!

Tops my 95 from about 5 or 6 weeks ago when I played my wildcard, and for this week is the best score in the OA league, as well as about 14,000th on the whole game.

Watch me have a totally shite two or three weeks now to make up for it haha.

Though it looks like everyone will be having a shit week this week to be fair


I still think anyone with Spuds players in it should be banned!

Might move me up a few places that way lol


Zaha and Son in for Stanislas and Lanzini this week


Put Zaha on the bench and he’s already got a fucking goal and an assist!

Didn’t expect much against Chelsea let alone that output in 11 minutes!


The very good:

King captain :heart:

The very bad:

Jaku on the bench :broken_heart:


Look at my bench :sob::sob::sob:

Why did I not bench boost this week instead of waiting till next week :sob:


Mine is even worse, but at least Cahill is going to come in. I also contemplated using the bench boost but opted not to use it at all because I consider it pointless. Fuck my logic.


I’m also in the “Jakupovic on the bench” club. But fortunately, unlike with you two, the rest of my bench did next to nothing