Fantasy Football 2016/2017


who else is in the #Alexis46Crew? :sunglasses:


You can thank me later lads.



Thank fuck for Evans and Captain Sanchez. They saved me this round with Cahill and Aguero going full on shit the bed mode and Firmino being out injured.


Just making my intentions clear gents. Be ready.


I’ve dropped to 5th?! Outrageous!


I had him too.
I had Costa as captain and swapped to Sanchez.


Anyone with Spuds players are banned :slight_smile:


Charlie Austin shoulder injury, after using my only free transfer on him when he was listed as A-Okay only two days ago… Fuck off! :joy:

You know when you can sense a shocker of a week ahead… :frowning:


Pretty much been my entire fpl season my dood.


Fucking Holebas and Allen sitting on my bench with 11 points


Dat midfield tho :sunglasses:


Back at the top of the league :sunglasses:

Wonder how long this will last this time haha


Looks like my fantasy curse is alive and well. Özil and Sanchez killing it while KDB and Hazard haven’t done shit for me after bringing them in. We’ll see just how strong my voodoo is this week, I’ve got Lukaku as captain for our match with them this week. Only bad thing is I can’t afford Costa, I’d love to ruin his season.


Sold Rondon at the weekend and the fucking bastard has gone and scored a hattrick today.



who’s this guy on OA? he’s came from nowhere to now be topping the league as he’s just got 93 points with this team and knocked me off the top spot and I don’t think I’ve seen him on the table so far!

and unlucky @JakeyBoy that’s an abosolute gutter lol. who did you bring in for him?


Whoever he is he should be banned for having 2 spuds players!


Defoe and Rondon out for Kane and Iheanacho.

Gone well so far :expressionless:


Looking like its Zlatan time

edit: he’s in! give’s me a chance to get rid of that spud Kane. Really dislike having spudders in my team lol but a few weeks ago there was no one good to replace Aguero and Kane had decent fixtures. Alas I am freeeeeeeee again! :smiley:


Happy with my 75 points this week. Wish I’d played Heaton over Pickford though.

Need to start using some those boosters soon as well.


Had bench boost on… took it off… bench mustered 21 points…