Fantasy Football 2016/2017


I’m looking at having one of my best weeks in a long long time, nice


I saw that as well but he hadn’t done much until this week. Looks like he’s coming into form.


Shocking week for me. Didnt even look at my team until today so serves me right lol


Question. Is it ever worth spending 16-20 points on six or seven changes (including two free transfers on top of the points spent)?

I swear I feel like it’s really necessary with what I need to bring in and who I need to replace to fund it.

But I don’t want to make a hasty decision and it being too much of a loss to be worth it. The most points I spend usually are 4, 8 and maximum 12. But I do spend them fairly regularly and it’s been rewarding so far.


If I really want certain players then an -8 is the maximum points hit I would take.

Calum Chambers at 4.4 is an absolute bargain btw. He’s playing well in a defensive team. I used this weeks free transfer on him for Williams as even though he’s playing City he was always going to be on my bench as he’s cheep points and means I can bank the 0.6 for future transfers.


Good shout, tempted to sell Evans for him in that case.

Might get rid of Chadli too, soon. Think he’s drying up and WBA look shit.


That’s too many points, you’d never recoup them at this point in the season I don’t think. I’d stick to max 8 as well.


@hassassin I know this sounds obvious, but if you make a transfer for -4 points then you need the player you bring in to outscore the one you sell by 4 points just to break even. You need the player you bring in to outscore the player you exchange him for by 5 points if you want to profit from the move.

The chances of you managing this for each of six or seven players you are bringing in is, I’d suggest, almost zero.

Definitely not worth it imo


Also another dumb suggestion, @hassassin you are aware of the wild card correct?


ARRRRGH :rage:

The post has denied Arnautovic a goal and an assist and he’s my fucking captain!!! Fuck off you aluminium cunt!!! :cry:

and in the 2nd half he got booked and misses the next game. Worst transfer in I’ve ever made hahahaha :joy:


What on earth possessed you to make Arnautovic your captain?


fancied a punt! It nearly came off tbh as he hit the post with a shot and his assist for adam hit the post aswell.


Yellow card for your captain and no goals/assists, gutted. Fair play, ballsy move. Like you said, it could have paid off nicely.


Was going for Sanchez as captain but kinda bottled it. I shouldn’t say this as knowing my luck I’ll end up having a shit week, but with all those home fixtures this has the potential to be a good gameweek. Not hard on envisage the sides those midfielders and attackers play for scoring a few goals this week.



Wilson injured and doesn’t make the sqaud :cry:

Out for Austin next game week for me.


Spent 12 points on five changes in the end. Couldn’t really afford Aguero. In the end only four of my XI returned anything. But they returned heavily, making 2 out of 5 changes successful but so much so that I made a definite profit. I wouldn’t have been able to afford those big hitters had I not sacrificed those 12 points, so it can clearly be worth it if it pays off.


Nice. Happy with my 60+ points despite sanchez and my defence fucking it


Iwobi is gone. Sick of him at his stage (in FF terms you understand). Got the Welsh Xavi in his place. Defoe in for Wilson.

@hassassin clear up that notification bar you messy bastard.


Scenes at my defence this weekend. Two 0’s even though they played in their teams fixture :grimacing:

Alexis captain. Aguero and Austin saving me.


Sanchez and Aguero as captain saved me. Otherwise my entire team got 1 pt each. No idea how I managed 51 points.


Getting Costa at 9.6 has to be my best ever transfer this season :sunglasses: