Fantasy Football 2016/2017


As I want to keep Hazard. Can’t have them all lol.


Apologies to the member on the old OA forum who had “Mesutmerizing” as their title under their user name.

I have stolen it without asking. Thanks in advance. :ozil2:


I must have switched my team around 30 times already, but I’m going to try to resist the temptation to tinker any further.


[quote=“LoTheGooner, post:42, topic:344”]
Apologies to the member on the old OA forum who had “Mesutmerizing” as their title under their user name.
[/quote]That was @Bl1nk I think :slight_smile:


Looked at my team after I set it up a month ago and somehow John Terry was in there. Changed it.


I couldn’t decide on my team either. I dropped Kane because I couldn’t stand to have scum in my team and I think he’s gonna suffer from a terrible Euros.

On a different note, best team name so far (besides mine of course) Chamakh My Pitch Up…lolz


Fuck me I’m so fail at fantasy football. My original team had Mahrez, Shaqiri, and Negredo. I took them all out and they all scored.


I’ve got Mahrez and Negredo :relaxed:


Same :+1:


Aguero, Lamela and Barkley delivering for me so far.


My last change was to replace Negredo with Carroll after reading that Chelsea gave up more header goals than any other team last year. Hopefully Carroll will score at least one.

And of course I left Redmond on the bench and he scored 10.


Took out Rondon for Negredo and then took out Negredo for Origi. Hope he scores for me tomorrow :wink:

Aguero, Mahrez, Redmond and Foster doing the business for me though.


42 points with De Gea, Shaw, Iwobi and Firmino still to play. Jonny Evans is sat in the first choice sub position with 5 points which is slightly annoying as he was starting until I made a last minute change this morning.

Probably not a bad first week all in all.


20 points lol. Fuck.


4th place currently in the OA league. Still with Ibra, hazard, shaw, iwobi and Cahill to play.


Top of our league with 3 to play. I’ll take it. Shame I played stones instead of amat


Whoever has the name “Hotline Bellerin” take a fucking bow! That is excellent! :clap: :joy:


That’d be my brother. I told him it was brilliant, he wasn’t too convinced. Best name I’ve seen after Jakey Boy’s “Who Ate All Depays” and “Chicken Fried Reus”.


20 points but half my team still to play


24 points so far. Neither bad, nor good.