Fantasy Football 2016/2017


I’ve got Wilson and Ibrahimovic, for some reason I’ve picked Wilson and benched Ibrahimovic :facepalm:


Glad Ibra scored for me, shame they conceded, would have liked Shaw to get me some points.

Origi is on the bench, so he’s a bit of a write off. Think I’ll flog him for Rondon/Negredo.


Ended up with 67 and 27 on the bench :poldi: all five of my mid’s scored :wenger:


Iwobi and Ayew struck down by fairly long term injuries, squad needs some work doing to it already ffs.

Reckon I need Zlatan or Costa alongside Serge, last year there weren’t that many expensive strikers getting consistently great points so we all relied on midfielders, don’t think that’ll be the case this year.


I had Aguero as captain last week, and Ibrahimovic this week, so those two have got me more than fifty points between them.
I’m going to swap Sane for Martial.
I didn’t realise Sane was out for the first few games, so Martial can go in midfield.


Despite knowing there was a match last night, placing bets on it and everything, I didn’t then make the connection between that match and fantasy football. So I’ve got the same team as last week and have done nothing about injuries. Poor form really.

Only upside is two free transfers next game week gives me a bit of flex.


Benteke Ibrahimovic Agüero are the forwards for me. Goals Galore :sunglasses:

Always do an early WC. Gets me the players who haven’t started yet, the new transfers and the form players. 8 transfers done to afford this. I already had Zlaguero and Hazard from GW1.


Removed Aguero as captain in place of De Gea.

Got way too cute with the lineup this week. Fuck.


Yes! I have Aguero!


No goals conceded by United (I have De Gea, Valencia and Bailly) + goals scored by Aguero and Bojan.



Pretty happy with Ibra and Aguero © so far. Just need my midfielders like Eriksen and Barkley to start getting some goals or assists.


Wildcard team. Very happy with it.

Only survivors from GW1 are Shaw, Hazard Agüero Ibrahimovic Hojbjerg and Amat!


Watching the Hull vs Man U match and it struck me that I could call my team “The Clucas Klan” if I wasn’t concerned about being called a racist.


Well I picked a great week to transfer Sanchez. To be fair I’m not the only one to have lost faith.


Smashing it so far this year and Im already considering playing my wildcard.


Rooney :joy:

Put Antonio in this week as one of my many wildcard changes :smirk:




Put Koscielny into my side this week :kosc:


In the overall table I’m currently ranked 12,239! Koscielny getting 15 points was a massive bonus :kosc:


Two 70+ hauls and a 50 within the last three gameweeks has clawed me up to the top 9 which is a dramatic recovery from way down the bottom. Still a big gap building at the top though.