Facundo Torres

I think cover does enough to push us towards a title. Our first XI is good enough to win it we just need rotation options to allow them a break in the cups.

I don’t think it’d be enough to have a deep run in the FA Cup and the EL alongside the PL though. I’d rather we prioritise the league if we’re still in it by Feb/March.

I also worry if we get Torres that means any chance of Mudryk is over.

That would be ideal but other than Raphinha it’s just not clear to me what wing player makes that immediate impact. Diaz was not only quality but also a perfect fit for how Liverpool play. Arshavin in is an interesting case because he showed that if you have quality and fit the new system you can make the transition from a weaker league quickly.

I can us gambling on Mudryk or Torres and would back Arteta/Edu if they chose either one. But neither is a sure thing, especially short term.

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Mudryk may be looked at hopefully in summer…seems we are keeping tabs so it wouldn’t be for no reason. Might need a cheaper alternative for now though. Mudryk and Torres, Saka and Martinelli is a stellar front line for next season.

How much will this guy cost us?

Plays in the MLS so probably not a fac-load of cash.

Yeah, won’t be high wages either. Think it is a gamble worth taking if we are getting Mudryk as well.
On its own, it is too much of a gamble.

Don’t make say Zaha again!! I think it has to be a player either proven in this league or proven at international level.

Zaha, Trossard, Torres (Ferran), Greizmann (loan), Lemar or Raphinha. Even Depay could do an instant job but I’m less sold on him.

Somebody like Torres would be great as a sign him now and let him stay in America till the summer.

I could definitely be wrong though and he could be ready to devastate the league now.


Did Almiron not come from the MLS? He is probably the most in form winger in the league atm

and all it took was 3 years ;).

From that 2 min comp vs Arsenal, he looks like Antony minus the showboating characteristics.


Exceptions do not beat rules. It’s taken a while for him to really explode as well. I wouldn’t have much faith of MLS Almiron coming in to help our title push.

Napoli and PSG the only 2 club’s in the top 5 leagues not to have lost yet

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I don’t need to since you apparently already know considering you deemed it a “europa league” signing.

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You implied that my take was wrong. So please educate me on how Torres is going to move us forward. If he’s not Europa, I’m guessing you think he’s a Champions League signing?..

Or did you just feel like being a contrarian for no reason.

I answered your question regarding how much MLS I watch, why are you so scared to answer mine?

I’ll pose it in a slightly different way chap - what is it about Facundo Torres that makes you believe he’s a signing that’s going to impact our season?

Thanks in advance.

Nah I didn’t imply that at all. Nothing was implied, I was explicitly asking a question.

So you have no opinion on Torres or his potential signing? Wonderful.

I wasn’t the one making a determination though. That was you, so the onus is on you to validate your point.

Not particularly tbh. I don’t watch a lot of MLS which is why I’m not too keen to make a definitive judgement on it.

No it isn’t. You contested the point with no counter argument.

I could say 2+2=5. If you were to respond with did you go to school as a child? I’d assume that my answer is wrong.

So you’ve got nothing to contribute on Torres? Fantastic.