Facundo Torres

Fac Un Do

Really? I never clocked on

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Jakey is doing that thing where he points out the obvious like a dork who thinks people can’t spot the obvious, in such an obvious manner that people obviously don’t think of Jakey as a dork.

Jakey’s still a dork. Obviously

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What the Fac U ondo?

Europa League signing. I’m all for him coming in with the view towards the long term, ditto with Danilo BUT we are Arsenal and in a title race. Think we need a bit more ready than Torres.

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If anything this current lot is proving that ‘ready’ players are a bit overrated. If they have the quality they will produce.

The point is we need adequate squad depth to the starting eleven. As you can see, players like Sambi, Holding, Eddie, etc. are a major drop off in quality.

I’d say the opposite has been proven because Jesus and Zinchenko have elevated us. Xhaka has been our player of the season and Partey is arguably the most important . The fringe players have struggled.

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We need players who have quality, fit the system, are within the budget, and have the right mentality to integrate into the group. It’s not an easy combination to find but I trust Arteta and Edu at this point. I wouldn’t assume that more established or PL proven players are going to fit those criteria best. They may have quality but the other criteria are less clear.

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Basically got CL money now, so the budget has to be expanded now.

Starting players, agreed. But we don’t need a starting forward.

We’re also arguably the most in form team in Europe, as well as having a young squad with loads of potential, so we’re an attractive club for any potential top quality signings.

It’s the perfect opportunity for Arteta and Edu to get the sort of quality we need.

Do you regularly watch MLS?

No. Please tell me how good he is.

Why not? would be my question. We are competing with City who have 2 of Mahrez, Foden, Grealish, Alvarez to come off the bench. Our bench options are 2 of Nketiah, Nelson, Marquinos or currently injured ESR. I think we need a starting level forward.

All i know is that in preseason he caused us a good few issues and scored against us too, looked pretty decent. Here’s his highlights…got good vision too with some of his passing

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He could definitely be good. I’d imagine pretty raw though and it would be a big risk to ask him to contribute straight away.

Him and Danilo both look exciting prospects. Can’t see either pushing us towards a title though.

i reckon they will start off as cover for cup games so Saka and Partey or whoever can be rested and used for the league


That could definitely work out. I’m setting the bar high for any potential January incoming. Like Diaz at Liverpool High. A bit closer to home, Arshavin to Arsenal high.

We definitely need another match winner coming in.

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