Fábio Vieira (21)

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^ Edu rn.

This looks like a steal of a deal atm.


Never looked phased, and seamlessly slotted into Odegaard’s position.

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He needs a gym membership but he really impressed me today. So comfortable on the ball and takes up brilliant positions. He made a very difficult strike look easy as well. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

I think he is going to get fouled a lot this season. Amazing goal today and looks like a very decent signing. As a result I do worry about ESR. Always had him as a backup No.10, but looks more likely now to just get game time on the wing when he is fit.

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Love ESR but when’s that going to be?


I think he is just as good as Ode (if people think he is not better).

For his goal, I loved how he hit it, watched it go in, and the stand still for a couple of seconds almost at disbelief at what he had just done

Superb finish


Can’t say that after just 1 game, can you? In fact, I am not even sure how good Ode is cause he’s only started performing consistently this season.

Am happy for Vieira but honestly, he didn’t have to do much in this game.

His vision and passing skills are on par… the rest, needs time to prove it.

I actually think he may have been unsure if it actually went it initially.

His stance said, “Hmm, That might just squeak in. Ah, it did. Nice.”