Fábio Vieira (21)


Was just about to post this!!

@Jesseviolin cab you comment? What position is he?

I’ve literally never heard of him

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Release Clause :handshake:Edu


If this is true then all these Twitter nerds are in the mud lmao.


Never seen him play but imagine we sign him and Tielemans what will the doom mongers say about the clubs ambition


Majority of OA aswell :eyes:

He may be the one to replace the football of Vieira.


I imagine he’s instead of Tielemans and that Tielemans was a smoke screen.

Never heard of this bloke though, I wonder if he’s any good :joy:

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‘well he must be crap because he has decided to join arsenal because no one else wanted him lololololol’

I spent a lot of time last night looking at Vitinha and we were after the other small guy with the goatee at Porto instead I guess.

Its only the Portuguese league but his g+a production was really good last year, 6 goals and 14 assists in 1329 minutes is pretty legit.

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Any idea if anybody ‘credible’ has picked this up?

People on Reddit saying he’s credible for Porto but hit and miss for the rest of the Portuguese league, however we his misses he never gives such a definite time line.

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He any good? Can’t say I’ve seen much of him



Tielemans deal dead in the water then.

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needs to bulk up though…he might be dismantled in the EPL, mind you though there are wirey players like Vardy that do well

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Physicality means nothing if you’re nimble and able to move the ball well.

We’ve seen plenty of non physical players thrive in England. It’s all about how you use your skill set.


yeah just as i put that own i thought of vardy etc

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Isn’t Vieria more attacking minded, like Odegaard?