Fábio Vieira (21)

all the terrible transfers from Wenger/Emery years were gone.
we had some great business for the past few years.


Nah, gotta disagree with Parlour on this one.

Ray is getting on the hype train as well. Let’s see how he does when he gets a chance against the bigger teams, in the PL.

No questioning his technical ability but like with this team, there are many tests still to come.

He’s good isn’t he?!

Ray actually said he spoke to a Porto fan who thinks Vieira is as good as Dias, not that he thinks it himself. But they gotta do what they gotta do to get those clicks.


We’ve done EXCELLENT bussiness in the recent years.

When you look at the standard nowadays and compare us to other TOP teams this is actually a low budget team. Brilliant what Arteta and Edu have done in just a couple of last years, to build a whole new squad, a whole new generation and strucure, ready to fight for top trophies in the future, in the long run.

Looking at the big picture they actually repaired the damage Wenger has been doing for almost 10 years (keeping the team just above water with some big money transfers, having no long term plan and structure etc) quite quickly.

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Hmmmmm :thinking:

I think we’ve done excellent business in the last two summer windows. The other 30 or so transfer windows have been somewhere between “adequate” and “oh shit, is this team taking us down?”


I agree, and as much as much as I’ve criticised Arteta, at least he has a transfer strategy, which Wenger didn’t have in his last few seasons

Wenger was successful when he built teams of young quality players but in his last few seasons he sold all our best players, leaving gaping holes in the side, then wasted loads of money on reactionary panic buys.

If he’d bought top quality players in the first place, he wouldn’t have wasted so much money, like having to buy Aubameyang to replace Lacazette.
Wenger left behind a team of old, inadequate, overpaid players and a culture of complacency which saw us drop behind all our rivals.

Wenger made the club rich enough to be able to spend 50m on Ben White.
This poverty of a club can’t even afford to give Ashley Cole the wages he deserved - as confirmed by David Dein himself.


Been disappointing in his performances. Can see he has the tools, but not involved enough.
Disappeared completely last night and not shown enough.
Needs a lot of coaching. Can see why he was used mainly as a sub in Portugal.
Wouldn’t want to have to rely on him. Thought we might of been able too as well.


Conversely, just how reliable is Xhaka now. The transformation is incredible.

(The bastard)


Flashes of brilliance and very confident on the ball. I agree though, he isn’t in games enough to look like a starter.

That said, it’s hard to judge him fairly when not in our strongest team.


Im sure once the trenbolone oatmeal sets in we will start to see another side of this bloke. Very confident in his ability.


Apparently he has started weight training, to deal with some of the physical nature of the premier league

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Fatio Vieira


yup it was mentioned by the commentators in the PSV game. Weight Training 3 times a week to help him with the EPL Physicality.

Yeah not uncommon for a light weight younger player who is having his first season in English football. Has talent and it’s up to Arteta and the coaching staff to iron out his game over the next 12-24 months.


Apart from the physical side of things, he’s also got to work on the mentality one needs to have to compete in this league. Man players of small stature have and are doing extremely well (Bernardo Silva, Sterling etc.). Let’s hope some of his good mate Gaby’s toughness rubs on to him.