FA Cup 2017/18


David Luiz checking out his CB partner Ampadu like…


Stamford Bridge is half empty.


I think that’s just the away end. Norwich didn’t sell out their allocation.


You are right.


I usually am :sunglasses:


:hipster: :xhaka:


Chelsea don’t like scoring these days. Wasting so many chances.
Drinkwater hits the bar.
Chelsea 0-0 at HT. They just can’t score anymore :rofl:. Swansea and Wigan up, instead.


Bakayoko is woeful



Chelsea’s last goal in 2018 was that one against us 2 weeks ago :rofl:
Spoke too soon. 1-0 Batshuayi. Now he can go to Dortmund.
FUCK! What a chance for Norwich!




They beat us and a team from league 1 is hammering them :joy::joy:


Catalan cunt.


Wigan>>>>>>Arsenal :wink:

But Arsenal beat Wigan in the F.A. Cup in 2014 :smile:


Drinkwater should have scored the 2nd here.


Come on Norwich their playing so well they should be beating chavski


Chelsea parking the bus at home against Norwich :rofl:


Bournemouth are clearly losing as a cup to a club of their size is a waste of time and surviving in PL is more important, got nothing to do with Arsenal


94th minute goal :joy:




Hmm not sure about that one, didn’t look like a dive.