FA Cup 2017/18


That was a clear pelanty but they’re getting punished for the Pedro dive earlier :smile:


Isn’t that the exact type of situation that VAR is there for?


Sucks that we won’t get a statement on that decision. Can see how someone can argue Willian made the contact but I’m not sure, would have no problem with that being called a penalty.


William looked for it, tbh.


Ref didn’t call for it ffs


Chance for Norwich FFS!


Might be wrong but I don’t think he needs to if they believe it’s a clear wrong decision.


Aah I see. Double Ffs then


Good save on William.
Morata ahahahah! Miss another sitter!


Wes Hoolahan doing rabonas in the Chelsea box.

This is life.


Did I just see a player draw an imaginary tv screen in front of the ref? This sport is ridiculous :smile:


Even Hazard is on :grimacing:


Pedro can “dive” into an early bath now…



Pedro sees red! Chelsea down to 10 men!






Loooooool Morata




Down to 9 men!

Conspiracy against Chelsea! :sunglasses:

Definitely dives by Pedro and Morata tonight


Blessing in disguise for Chelsea really. Morata probably purposely got sent off so that he doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of his shit penalty being saved!