FA Cup 2017/18


Isn’t Brighton v Palace a big derby game? They aren’t even local to each other


It’s the M23 Derby, but it’s more of a rivalry than a derby. It mainly goes back to the 70s when Alan Mullery and Terry Venables were the bosses of the two clubs. There was an FA Cup match between the two that got out of control - bad refereeing decisions, fights between fans, spitting, name calling from the managers etc. They’ve hated each other since.


Knew Murray would have scored. 2-1 Brighton. Deserved.

@Gladiator, the VAR basically works with the referee asking through an earphone if the actions is valid. It’s like in the NFL.

2-1 Brighton


Brighton are through. Very deserved win.


Surprised that Murray goal didn’t get VAR’d. Looked like handball.


Fleetwood giving Leicester a go in the F.A. Cup replay. They are creating the most dangerous chances.
Sheffield and Cardiff up as well.
Mansfield equalize now.
Oh Mahrez! Beautiful free kick! Just wide.
What a save from Jakupovic! Fleetwood deserve to be ahead.
Leicester score with Iheanacho. Undeserved. Reading up as well.


Pep Guardiola aka Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders



2-0 Sheffield Wednesday and 2-1 Cardiff.
3-1 Cardiff. Probably game over.
Iheanacho’s brace given by the VAR. 3-0 Reading.
4-1 Cardiff.



Fucking hell that’s anti-climactic hahaha


Leicester, Cardiff, Reading and Sheffield Wednesday are through, while West Ham go to ET.


VAR :clap:


So Moyes needed ET to beat the mighty Shrewsbury :smile:


Fucking hell fair play.

In those situations you can completely understand how the linesman can get it wrong because there’s no way he’s taking that trailing leg into account in real time but it doesn’t stop the fact that it’s technically onside.

I’m hoping that while the rule is supposedly benefit of the doubt to the attacker that that will now actually be enforced and we’ll see more well timed runs rewarded with goals as they should be. It’s not fair to expect limited players like Walcott to make their career off of successfully beating the offside trap only for it to be wrongly taken away from them by a linesman making a split second decision on fine margins.


Agree. Cant blame linos in that situation where the attacker is so close to being offside he actually obstructs the line of sight. This wont undermine linos at all either, these are near impossible to call in real-time, and VAR instead will aid their job.


see how the oppo players didn’t argue the call either, and it was more of a discussion a lot less heated than you see when there isn’t VAR?

VAR will shield the refs from hostility and pressure too. Just need to get the replays up on the screens asap for the fans so they get to look at something while the game is stopped.

But this is undoubtedly a huge positive for the sport. No more dark ages, no more Mike fucking Dean making a big show of it etc.


Dont like football being decided by slide rulers and freeze frames. Couple of them reviews a game youve got a game lasting 100 minutes.
Also celebrating a goal after the fact is all a bit unreal imo. Still early days and admit im not keen anyway but lets see how it goes.





I wish this had been around when Ferguson was still at Man U.
Saying that, he still would have argued, even with the VAR video in front of his eyes.