FA Cup 2017/18


12 more mins, hold on, stop small dicking Conte ffs


Probably play better blindfolded


Lol pogshit


Embarrassing effort that was


This United side doesn’t look remotely close to challenging City


Martials dribbling and close controle is orgasmic. Make it happen sven.


Doesn’t matter who they bring in with Jose in charge they won’t finish above City.

They look so disjointed and lack any ideas.


Imagine paying £89m for that :laughing:


Martial has troubled Chelsea more than Sanchez. And he’s only been on 10 minutes!


Mourinho is a wizard for turning United fans against him :arteta:

Unbelievable stuff. Sold their souls to the devil for this Uno, and Martial will become on of the world’s best for Juve/Bayern


Lineker was saying you don’t know what you get with Pogba.

Spending £90mil and not knowing what you get? lol


De Gea really has won them 2nd.

Unbelievable how he outperformed his expected goals conceded.

That fax machine is the real MVP, and been their best person in management since Fergie and Gill left.




Look at that chilean fucker! Ahahaha! :arteta:


Moyes, van gaal and mourinho. Shocking managerial decisions tbh


But they were experienced!!! How could they ever fail with all that EXPERIENCE?! :arteta:


Its not about experience, but the thickness of the hair.


Conte is a joker.

What if they scored?


Congratz ollie with another cup !


Man United fans are amused



Mourinho looks fat and old :rofl: