FA Cup 2017/18


United’s crossing has been Arsenalesque all game.


Sanchez’s best performance in a United shirt has been playing Beethoven on the piano.


All this anti football all season. And nothing to show for at the end. GJ mou


Watching Mourinho picking up his losers medal will be the icing on this turdcake.


Well it wasn’t quite a controversial call that won Chelsea the cup. But at least Mourinho will still be sad – no doubt he’ll throw some more of this players under the bus


Mourinho trophyless! Love it!



Still on top with 13 you fucking pricks! Hahaha


Young and Jones at the World Cup

What a time to be alive


How have United spent a trillion pounds and still start cup finals with Smalling and Jones?

I know Mourinho gets shit for his spending but I won’t hold it against him if he goes and spends £150m on a couple of centre backs next week.


Hahaha fuck you Mourinho and fuck you Sanchez.


Sanchez has destroyed United. Well-done agent Alexis! :mustafi:


4 FA Cup wins for Giroud. Must be a record for a player, no?

Unless a Man Utd player did it in the 90s?


I guess United didn’t have ‘winner mentality’ to beat Chelsea in a FA cup final

Fuck you Alexis Sanchez.


Ashley Cole has won 7!


Hopefully Jose signs another extension.

United play such great stuff under him.


You’ve lowered the tone :disappointed:

I forgot about that waste of sperm


I find it funny that we were crying over having Giroud when United & Chelsea bought 90m Lukaku & 75m Morata.
And in the biggest game of the season for both club, Giroud is the one who starts over both of them.



GIRFUY Mourinho, all that money spent, shite football played, players alienated, all to end up trophyless. Basically did a Wenger 2015/16 season

Nice for Conte to win this after losing to us last year, but can see why Chelsea fans are sick of him.

right time for him to move back, could see him getting exposed next season. And definitely would not take him here.

But 2 trophies in 2 years, fair play he leaves with a very impressive record.




Jose saying Chelsea defended with nine players :rofl: