FA Cup 2017/18


Love it ! Sign an extension pls


Don’t want to tempt fate but…

Also thank god Lingard is back to being shite, benching and eventual selloff to WestBrom etc. Incoming


When jesse bantergard is starting for your club. You know its bad, really bad.


I preferred him when his name was Lindegard and ge was posing as a 'keeper


Yeah anyone who gives themself a nickname like “J.Lingz” can get in the bin


The cringefest he produced at emirates when he scored is still printed in my mind.


When he tries that again and big Mikel brings out the eye pokers :giroud2:


Has the toilet brush come on yet


:arteta: hahaha

@Darkseid agreed, a bit of a small dicker too.

Hear he’s now trying to shut up shop and defending deeper, inviting pressure.

Wouldn’t surprise me if United got an equaliser now, if that’s true.


Chelsea should go to a back four by subbing off Moses and bring on either Pedro or Willian, they need the extra forward on to make it 2-0 and kill the game.

I wouldn’t take Conte here, he’s not flexible enough at all. When it goes 1-1 that’s when he’ll make a sub.


Blatant hand ball just there.

Terrible refereeing, no VAR? Joke.


Lol @ var


VAR is good for the game… they said





Is this a VAR game?


Yes it is.

They did VAR for the offside United goal, no surprise there.


Nice save on Rashford.
Martial finally on.


Fair enough. I admit defeat.

Not even the 21st century and technology will wash away the stench of corruption/rank incompetence of English refereeing.

I guess it’s my fault for being optimistic about an organisation Mike Riley is the head of…

:xhaka: :santi:

Think it’s time for VAR to be shown on big screens in stadiums and for captains/managers to get a limited number of VAR consultations.

That’s the best way to implement it.


Been a bit of a snooze fest so far.


Fabregas has been total shit