FA Cup 2017/18


Cmon Chelsea!! Conte is a likeable guy always gonna root for him, and he bent over for Wenger which makes me like him even more :grin::grin:


Not a clear goal scoring opportunity. Pen and Yellow is right


How is that not a clear goal scoring opportunity?

He was going to be 1 v 1 with the keeper.

No way is a yellow justified.


Lol! That was a clear red. 1-0 Chelsea!


How was that not a clear goal scoring opportunity? :joy:


Big Dave was in goal :muscle:


Jones was still right with him and he attempted to win the ball


They’ve chnged the rules according to a mate of mine who coaches.

red is now for professional foul or dangerous play. Yellow if just a foul / pen.

It’s to mitigate double punishment.

Oliver was spot on.


Double jeopardy everyone…



And if not for a tackle where he brought him down he would have been Hazard 1 v 1 with De Gea.

It’s a goal scoring opportunity all day long.


Read my post.


What about when Laurent Koscielny was on the half way line v Andy Carroll a few seasons back? He was sent off for that.

I just think, had that been an Arsenal player, he’d have been off



They’ve changed the rule since then, obviously.


That’s a professional foul though, he was attempting to deny a goal scoring opportunity.

Shitty rule.



There was an incident in a match a little while ago… can’t remember which now, where a penalty and a yellow was awarded. Then after looking at it, the referee decided it was outside the box so it became a free kick, which meant the card turned to red.



What about when…

Ok, I’ll stop now


Meh. He’s clearly going for the ball, it’s not a cynical rugby tackle.

But yeah I guess it can easily be misinterpreted.


Mou is out of ideas. Very ez for chelsea. Hazard showed up and he alone will decide this game.


conceding a penalty and losing a player for the rest of the match is definitely a more shitty rule than the current one.

Would have completely killed the competitiveness of the match