FA Cup 2017/18


I was being ironic :xhaka:


Ah, you meant disasterclass :grin:


Conte has been a real disappointment this season.

Still persisting with a back three to the detriment of your team, you’re up against a single striker FFS.

Hazard and Giroud together isn’t enough goals but hopefully today they pull it off.


Martial come home ! We love you


This Chelsea lineup look ready to park some buses


This is nice



What you guys reckon? Ruski or Manure?




Feels strange for Arsenal not to be there :disappointed:



So we will be back in 2019 :wink:


Hoddle and McManaman on BT Sport? :facepalm:


Come on Giroud you can do it!


Chance for Hazard. De Gea saves.
What a dive from Bakayoko ahahah!




Not a penalty on first look


There’s your Jones masterclass Luca :grin:


Should be off


Stonewall penalty on the second look


Oliver bottling it, how in the fuck is he getting a yellow?

Pathetic display from him.



Why is Jones not off?! Michael Oliver isn’t normally afraid of making big decisions