FA Cup 2017/18


Imagine if we’d not has Lehmann sent off and played Barcelona with 11 men in 2006…


This is game is shit, tbh.


I actually agree a peno and yellow is punishment enough but I can’t understand this line of thought. That’s none of the refs concern.


Eh, IMO it’s not the job of officials to keep players on the field regarding mistakes.


Never said it was. It was part of the basis from the rule makers for the rule change


Just remembered, we’re taking Jones to the World Cup. He’s going to do the same thing against Hazard when we play Belgium, isn’t he?



The dogmolester has had an abysmal season.


The chilean fucker is having another mare :arteta:


At first I thought it was sentimentality too. Ref’s thinking “it’s a cup final, I’m not gonna send him off”. Man united had the same luck when they played villa in the league cup final in 2010, if I remember correctly. They went on to win it with 11 men on the pitch


Lool manure are wank. How did they get 2. Place ffs


Was it? Was it not more about the punishment fitting the crime? The competitiveness argument only holds water early in the game if no one is leading etc etc.


Why the fuck is Giroud dropping so deep


He’s not going to the World Cup. There’ll be a LOT of pressure on him to perform at Old Tart-ford from game 1 next season.


And he just gave away an easy pass again. He seems like a genuine stupid fella this sanchez


The portuguese parrot will get the sack next season.


I hope not


Waiting for the hoofball to fellaini to start.


1-0 Chelsea at HT. This game :gabriel:


Lel trashford. We gave him his carriere ffs :arteta:


Another classic Phil Jones facial reaction