FA Cup 2017/18


I don’t think that in anyway negates his post.


I just concentrated on



C’mon Chelsea! Don’t want United to equalize our F.A. Cup record.


Oli G celebratory kneeslide is happening


Yeah, he should do us a favour today.


So what are people’s predictions for this one? I’ve fancied Man U to win it since the semis concluded, given how shit Chelsea have been this year I’ve fancied Mourinho to get his team ready for it more than Conte, who seems to be meekly limping his way towards the exit door.

But I remembered that you could have said similar about last years cup final but we were much the better side and won, so I’m a bit less sure of myself now


Chelsea need to play Willian in this one. If they dont they lose 2 0 in a comfortable united win.


I don’t want Man U but I think Mourinho has the knack of winning these type of games.
He’s like Simeone, very efficient, if not very exciting to watch.

I don’t think there will be many goals and could go to extra time.
I’ll go Man U by one goal, maybe 1-0, or 2-1 in injury time.

What I want is Chelsea to win 1-0, Giroud score the winner, and after the match Conte say he is sad to be leaving Chelsea but delighted to accept the offer from Arsenal to be their new manager.


Chelsea win please. No trophy for Mourinho or Alexis


Hoping for Hazard to show and Dogmolester united will be powerless. If all pans out perfectly Manure loose this and Liverpool loose next week.




Think it’s gonna be a snozefest. 1-0 to Manure.


I think United will edge it but I’d actually prefer Chelsea to win it (someone kill me)


Hoping for Conte to karakick Maureen in the nutsack. He will not be chelsea manager next season anyway.


I think Conte’s had enough go wrong that he’ll probably win this one.


I hope it’s a really controversial decision that gives Chelsea the win

I enjoy an angry Mourinho rant





Smalling and Jones masterclass please!


Lol at this tweet! :arteta:



Err what? Thought you wanted Chelsea to win?