FA Cup 2017/18


We didn’t get the game on the tube here. Got fucking Watford and fucking Palace instead. Still, reading of the scumcunts losing on here has, well, brightened my day a bit.



8 semi final losses in a row is truly pathetic, at what point does it stop becoming a statistical anomaly and people accurately report the failure ingrained into that club for nearly 30 years now :sunglasses:


Great two days. Morgan Freeman should do a voice over.


just saw the highlights, lol Lukaku’s first touch assist for Herrera cracked me up :arteta:


Well that fucking sucks


Alexis Sanchez really is a god in FA cup Semi Finals and Finals isn’t he ?

As for Spurs they needed a trophy for the last 3 years of Football they have played, truly gutting outcome for them.


Better unites teams have lost in the final. Wigan beat that RVP Fergie team iirc lulz.


City lost to Wigan not Utd :wink:


Chelsea will do Southampton pretty easily today.
Awful game so far. 0-0 at HT.


Giroud scores again.


Keep it up Ollie and win it. Don’t want Utd winning it



Chelsea so close to the 2-0. Great save from McCarthy.
Gabbiadini on for Southampton.


I was not aware of this rule. I think Poll has made it up.


Giroud off for Morata.



Game over


Morata scores immediately with a great header. Southampton are fucking shit and deserve to go down.

Almost 3-0 with Morata again.
Chelsea reach the final. Very easy for them.


At least United Chelsea should be a “proper” final. As much as it’s nice to see worse teams do well and have that day, it’s often shit. Like when we pummelled Aston Villa.


That was very enjoyable :wink:


We played League champions last season.


At least if that was the rule you could compartmentalise some of the soft frees refs give. But it’s not because it would be ridiculous.