FA Cup 2017/18


How the fuck did Abraham not score then?


3-0 FT. Eriksen’s brace and Lamela.


Can’t decide if I want United to win this one or not. On one hand, they’re the team most likely to stop Spurs (because God forbid Spurs win a trophy!). But on the other hand, Mourinho’s decline is comedy gold :thinking:


^^ That is EXACTLY what I was thinking and what I just came here to post! :smile:

I think it’s pretty unlikely United and Chelsea both lose, so one of them will stop Tottenham

Also, Mou looks like a madman on the touchline. Most un-Mou like


United would be my last choice to win the FA cup, I want to remain as outright leaders for most FA cups won.


Chelsea to win FA Cup pls.

For Giroud and Conte. And Hazard, who was always better than Sanchez as I have attested to :mustafi:


Tottenham are without a shadow of a doubt the last team I want winning the FA Cup


yeah tbh actually Man United over Tottenham actually.

They will only equal our tally, not surpass it yet.


Indeed. I don’t want to have to talk to my da about spurs winning an actual trophy. :face_vomiting:


Chelsea is our only hope.


Do people actually give a fuck about this? Sure it’s a nice record to have but does it really matter?! I always forget about it until someone brings it up again.

The reason I wouldn’t want United to win it is not because of that, but rather because I don’t like them. But between them and Spurs? I’d pick United. We can always win more FA Cups to get the “most FA Cups” trophy back.


Giroud will save us


Chelsea are getting knocked out tomorrow :grimacing: United : Tottenham final I fear!


Or, Wigan could do a Wigan :pray:


Liverpool fans certainly cared about having won the most league titles, that was until United’s Fergie stormed past them.


I’m not sure about this one. We’re never going to trouble the list of most leagues won, or most European titles, so why not celebrate our Fa Cup heritage…? I like the fact we stormed past Man United with 6 in a row


Indeed. And it fucks me off that we held that record for one year then were equalled. Don’t want it happening again, ideally.


Yes, bit of a weird post tbh


Yeah I guess. It’s a nice record to have and sure our FA Cup history is something to be proud of. But these records are constantly being added to. Man United will win more FA Cups and so will we. I just don’t look at it as “ha we have one more than you!” And it’s certainly not an important enough record that it results in someone preferring Spurs to win a cup over United.


Asking a question and having a different opinion = weird. OK, fair enough.